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Letter: Keep toxic stench off my doorstep

Globe Gazette - 11/29/2017

I was happy to get home from work last Friday to start my weekend - that is, until three honey wagons started spreading liquid factory farm manure all around my house and up to 100 feet from my door. We need a lot bigger separation distances in this state.

I want all the candidates running for governor to come to my house right now. It's not just the stench. It's toxic.

The only candidate I really see standing with the people of Iowa on this issue is Cathy Glasson. She listens to us and is crafting her policy solutions based on feedback from everyday people - not industry and big-money corporate insiders. This is what Iowans need.

No more factory farms. Safe air. Safe water. That's not too much to ask.

Lori Nelson, Bayard


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