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Trump committed to fighting opioid crisis

The Wellington Enterprise - 10/31/2017

I support the president’s declaration of a national public health emergency to help combat our nation’s opioid crisis. In Ohio, we lose at least 14 people every day to opioid overdoses.

It is going to take all of us working together — including parents, law enforcement, schools, churches, community groups, and government — to turn this problem around, and the action items the president announced will help on many fronts, including prevention, education, treatment, and law enforcement.

I also commend the president for his work to make treatment for drug addiction more affordable and accessible for Americans who need help. The president’s commitment to getting the federal bureaucracy out of the way of innovative programs like telemedicine and remote prescribing will help especially in our rural areas.

And I look forward to working with the administration on drug prevention efforts. It is critical that we provide our kids with age-appropriate drug prevention education every year in grades K-12 information so they can make good choices and avoid addiction.

The opiate epidemic is a tragedy of tremendous proportions. It will take all of us working together to turn the tide of this devastating epidemic.

Stopping opioid abuse will make families closer, communities stronger, and the future brighter for Ohioans and our nation.


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