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County em­ploy­ees earn ser­vice awards

The Daily Reflector - 10/23/2017

Pitt County has announced employees earning October 2017 Service Awards.

Five years:

¦ Tabitha D. Auten, Planning

¦ Thurman E. Council, Solid Waste

¦ Tammy K. Rees, Public Health

¦ Kathy W. Sheppard, Public Health

¦ Allison M. Swart, Public Health

¦ Amber N. Taylor, Sheriff’s Office

¦ Thomas C. Tyson, Detention Center

¦ Janashah A. Woolard, Social Services

10 years:

¦ Janet L. Acklin, PATS

¦ Paul M. Andrews, Soil & Water

¦ Queen S. Guion, Social Services

¦ Carol J. Haywood, Cooperative Extension

¦ Jimmy L. Hodges, E-911 Communications

¦ Karen C. Johnson, Social Services

¦ Lisa M. Mercer, Detention Center

¦ James W. Peterson,  PATS

¦ Rebecca R. Rogers, Tax Administration

¦ Robin F. Tant, Public Health

¦ Kimberly W. Ward, Public Health

15 years:

¦ Johnnie F. Barnhill, Animal Services

¦ Channing N. Ford, Veterans Services 

¦ Leanne L. Gabbert-Whisman, Detention Center

¦ Anne H. Heath, Tax Administration

¦ Oscar Howard, Emergency Management

¦ Melanie R. Perry, Detention Center

¦ Ralph R. Porter, Emergency Management

¦ Nancy M. Poston, Detention Center

¦ Ramon T. Revilla, Tax Administration

¦ Brian A. Roberts, Sheriff’s Office

¦ Marilyn M. Russell, Detention Center

¦ Paul S. Sanz, Detention Center

¦ Jocephus Toler, Detention Center

¦ Francine E. Winstead, Tax Administration

¦ Michele R. Whaley, Animal Services

20 years:

¦ Scottie R. McKinney, MIS

¦ Marshall D. Vines, Sheriff’s Office

¦ Patrina R. Vines, Human Resources

25 years:

¦ Lorie A. Burroughs, E-911 Communications

¦ Margaretta M. Howard, Social Services

¦ Carolyn Y. Garris, Soil & Water

¦ Helen B. Bryant, Emergency Management

¦ Steven P. Cannon, Solid Waste

¦ Mary A. Shelton, Sheriff’s Office

30 years:

¦ Karen W. Ennis, Register of Deeds


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