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Announcing the Zero Youth Detention Data Dashboard | Public Health Insider

Enumclaw Courier-Herald - 1/1/2019

This Public Health Insider story was reposted from the Zero Youth Detention Blog:

King County is pleased to announce the first release of the Zero Youth Detention data dashboard. The dashboard provides the data about the juvenile legal system in King County including specifically highlighting racial disproportionality. The dashboard will show progress on the full range of efforts to achieve the goal of Zero Youth Detention.

This dashboard is a work in progress. The first release of the dashboard highlights data around juvenile detention and sets the stage for adding new measures. The process is iterative – the County and its partners will collaborate on definitions of success as strategies, policies, and practices get underway. Future releases of the dashboard will include measures and targets for analyzing the impact of this work toward achieving Zero Youth Detention.

Your input is important. Help improve the next release of the dashboard. What did you find helpful? What improvements would you like to see? What does success look like? Submit your feedback to zydinfo@kingcounty.gov, or through King County's online form.


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